I come from a long line of crafty people. Quilters, sewers, crocheters, gardeners, knitters and woodcarvers. Some crafty out of necessity, some out of a need for creative expression.

When I finished grad school in the early 2000s, I found myself with a lot of extra time (before kids). I picked up crocheting again. Soon, I found I had "knitting envy" because knitting had so many more possibilities. After teaching myself through books and TV shows, I was addicted. My addiction spread to my mom who had not knit in years and now, I daresay, she is more addicted than I am.


Knitting is a great activity for waiting in doctor's offices, at kids' practices and games, on long car rides, planes, and for unwinding at the end of the night. It gives kids something to do with their hands besides text and play video games! My boys might not admit it, but they both have tried loom knitting and enjoyed it as well as making pom poms.

Today, I am making my passion my work. As well as teaching knitting class, I work with (and learn from) Staci Perry at VeryPink Knits as her marketing manager and podcast co-host. I am also working on expanding my knowledge with the Master's program through The Knitting Guild Association.     

I look forward to passing along my passion to you and your kids!