Confessions from a project person

In the latest episode of the VeryPink Knits podcast, I spoke with a psychology expert on process vs. project. He said something that really stuck with me: project people get really excited at the beginning and end of a project, but they need something in the middle to keep their interest through the part that may be to be more of a slog to get through.

THIS IS SO ME. I have a sweater on the needles that was so much fun to start, had a fun different pattern in the yoke, but as soon as I reached the 14 or so inches of stockinette, I started looking around for a new one. Oh, I'll finish it eventually, but it will take a while to get through the middle. 

I am not just a project knitter, I am a project PERSON. Outside this knitting thing, I work in marketing research - a very project-oriented profession. Some days I'm working on a study about banking, while the next month it might be greeting cards. The jobs have distinct beginning, middles and ends. They wrap up and we move on to the next. Sometimes, in the middle reporting phase, I'm ready to find another. 

I also get a strange sense of satisfaction when finishing a shampoo bottle or starting a new bottle of lotion. Don't even ask about how much I enjoy an empty refrigerator! I love to plan a bunch of meals and fill it up with food, but then at that point when it's full of half eaten leftovers... ugh.  

And while this was running through my head I found the perfect pattern for a project knitter. It just so happens it's also a great gift for the holidays - fair isle hats. Just when I get bored with the plain stockinette, it's time for color work. When the color work ends, we shape. Quick, done and satisfying.

I feel so powerful with this knowledge. As GI Joe said, "knowing is half the battle." So, no, I won't be making that fingering-weight stockinette afghan, thankyouverymuch. Bring on the projects with some good stuff in the middle.