Worlds Colliding

I was chatting over Facebook with "our friend Vivian" whom Staci and I have mentioned on the podcast and again in the latest episode. I wasn't sure if she was listening yet, so I was letting her know she was famous. 

After listening she said that she knows Dr. Markman who is co-host of the podcast, Two Guys on Your Head that I mention in the episode. We joked he could be a guest on the show and we could talk about the psychology of knitting. 

Then, this morning in the car, I was listening to the radio and the latest episode came on. They discuss The Hedonic Treadmill and happiness in relationship to meeting goals. 

I had to laugh when I heard Dr. Markman say, "Working to achieve something can be great, as long as you enjoy the process of working to achieve something... if we spend our lives focused on the projects of our lives rather than the process of our lives, then we don't really have any fun."

Sound familiar

Maybe we can have a psychologist come talk to us about your knitting questions! Are process knitters intrinsically happier than project knitters as they knit along The Hedonic Treadmill? Are project knitters ruining their enjoyment of the process and not as satisfied with the finished product? Hmmm, the researcher in me wants to do a study on this. 

Gotta catch 'em all. Details on the pattern I used on my  Ravelry  page.  Yarn is  Knit Picks Wool of the Andes . 

Gotta catch 'em all. Details on the pattern I used on my Ravelry page.  Yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes

This weekend, I'm not going to nag myself about the 5 projects I have in progress. I have no goals for when to finish them and I have a lot of obstacles in the way [feeding kids, laundry, sleep...]. I will enjoy the process (I really do).

Meanwhile... when the finished product does create a lot of enjoyment... 

I stayed up last night making a Pokéball for my youngest. I improvised the circle and will make a chart so I can improve on it next time, but he said he didn't care. He loves it so much that he couldn't wait to show all his friends on the way to class. (They loved it, too.)  Knitting little things for little people is so much fun. I have a feeling there will be more of these in my very near future. Like tonight.

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