2017 Knitting Gift List

Tick, tock, we're getting close. Do you still need some ideas for gifts for knitting friends? Or, do you just want to buy yourself something special? I posted links to Amazon whenever possible so you can get quick shipping. 

Here's a few of my favorite things that I discovered this year or wishes on my list:

1) The AlterKnit Stitch Dictionary - A book for those times you want to add some flair to plain knitting, this book has modern takes on fair isle patterns. 

2) A Stash of One's Own - After meeting Clara this summer, I keep coming back to some of the ideas in this book and taking pride in my own stash. 

3) Knitting Outside the Box - by Bristol Ivy. This book is a piece of art. Bristol works through her design process and takes knitters on a ride beyond the usual rules. I can't wait to dig deeper into this in 2018.

4) Woolove Blocking Mats - I share in detail about my experience with these on an earlier post. It do love how you can take out one or all to meet your blocking needs.

5) Everything Mary Card Organizer - I use this for my circular needle storage!

6) My Mannequin - She needs a name, but I love being able to display my recent FOs or try on WIPs. 

7) OttLites - My eyes are so much happier with the OttLite floor lamp. 

8) Mini OttLites - Makes a great stocking stuffers. 

9) There's always wine! Get a gift card to Winc and let your recipient pick their own favorites.

I'll be adding to this list over the next few days!