Take Better Photos

On episode 31 of the VeryPink Knits Podcast, we spoke with Erin Peloquin with Digital Photography for Moms to find out if we could take good photos with only a phone camera. As the podcast expands and I continue to go on more field trips, we want to be able to extend the story with photos and expand on the stories we cover. Until I get a new camera, my phone will have to do. We also hoped you would benefit from some ideas if you are also using Instagram, blogging or just want better photos for Ravelry.


Erin came by one afternoon to talk and show me how to improve my photos. All of the following photos are from my iPhone and without any filter. 


This first photo is where I would normally take pictures with my dress form. As Erin said, the background is nice, but it is away from windows and the only light is artificial. You can see some weird shadows and overall the photo is kind of flat. There is some natural light from transom windows above, but the bottom half is uneven



I moved the form over to a big window. The photo has so much more depth. The colors are rich and closer to reality. The background could be improved, but it's not distracting. 












Next, Erin gave me a suggestion for when I have a small project in progress that is not ready for the dress form or too small. She recommended my bed which is right by the window. (For planned photoshoots in the future, I would iron my bedspread!)

Here is the first photo with artificial lights. Weird shadows! The colors are blurred with not much definition of the stitches.  







Next, I moved away from the window and took the photo with only natural light. It's definitely improved, but I would probably not choose to have a white background with the off-white yarn. More contrast would help improve the shot. I think this could use some more work. (And, again, hello, wrinkly bed spread!) 

You don't have to be a mom to learn from Erin. She has online courses where you have a lesson, take photos, upload the photos and then she gives feedback on your work.

I hope this is a good start to some great photos. Tag us on Instagram (@verypinkknits and @caseympb) if you see an improvement just by using natural light!  

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