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New Blankie circa 2008

New Blankie circa 2008

A podcast listener emailed to ask about the pattern and the yarn used for my son's lovie blaket. We call him Blankie. We call Blankie "him" because if we call him "it" we get in trouble. 

Blankie was knit by my mom (aka: Gimmie) before Cormac was born in 2008. He's a simple grey cotton-acrylic yarn called Kool Kotton (unfortunately discontinued). The pattern isn't a pattern, but a sampler of squares that Gimmie put together with a garter stitch border.

I think the keys to blankie becoming as well loved as he is are 1) the cotton yarn gets softer and softer after each wash and 2) the garter stitch bumps give a sensory kid something to fiddle with. Blankie has some holes and loose stitches, which I stopped with a couple knots. I could weave them in or something, but I'm pretty sure they would return.  

Blankie has travelled the world with us. Sometimes he sneaks into the school backpack for an indiscreet comfort cuddle. This last trip to Ireland, Cormac was old enough to pack his own suitcase and I bought him packing cubes to make it easier. Blankie got his own packing cube. There is no embarrassment with Blankie coming along, at least not yet. (I may be asked to take down this blog in a couple years...) Blankie goes to sleepovers, is worn like a cape, draped like a shawl, and makes it outside for playtime sometimes. We wonder if Blankie will sneak his way off to college someday.

I was thinking about this today as I received a photo from a friend's 4 year old to show me his fox shirt to go with the fox toy I knit for him. For every other thing we knit that doesn't receive the full appreciation it deserves, a love like the love we have for Blankie makes it all worthwhile.