Knitting on the Brain

On the latest episode of the VeryPink Knits podcast, I interviewed Vanessa Hill from the YouTube Series, BrainCraft. She has a video on the unexpected effects of knitting that I shared here many months ago.

The video is based on several research studies, including a study of self-reported data from more than 3,000 knitters. These knitters said they felt a sense of relaxation when knitting. Of course, this is not surprising to any knitter. But, when you look at what happens to a relaxed brain, you can extrapolate the findings to suggest that knitting has an effect on brains similar to other relaxed states like meditation or playing rhythmic music. A relaxed mind can actually change the brain! 

Worsted Weight Yarns from

When we knit, we change the gene expression and create more connections in our brain. Continuing to knit will continue to help our brains make connections and keep us from wasting our brains away. Add in some more complicated patterns to make new connections in your brain and you will continue to stay mentally alert and active.

If you want to dig more into the research, all the source links are available under Vanessa's video in YouTube. But, it's a topic we will continue to dig into as there are many groups that are working on this topic as it relates to therapy and mental health and aging. 

At the end of our conversation, Vanessa asked if she could make yarn out of her dog's hair. Well, of course. Maybe we should have a psycho-analysis of why I think this is gross, but until then, you can do it yourself as long as your dog's hair is long enough and you can collect enough to make it into something. I know some friends with Golden Retrievers and that should not be a problem at all.