On Finishing

I have too many projects in progress at the moment. All with their own excuses of why I haven't finished. Oh, I'll get to them eventually. Have I mentioned I love to start projects?  

I wanted to start on Staci's new felted Christmas stockings pattern, but this stocking was starting to collect dust. I looked back at my Ravelry page and realized I started it 3 years ago! What was happening 3 years ago? Let's see... I had a 5-year-old and an 8 year-old. It probably got close to Christmas and things got busy. Then I had hand surgery of all things to hold a knitter back. Then it was summer. Then I forgot where I was. Then... who knows? So I finally pulled it out and figure out where I left off in the pattern. In the end it only took me a couple hours to finish it!

Motivated, I turned to the Scarf-in-a-scarf. Why was it taking me a year to knit a simple garter stitch scarf? I decided to switch needles and, viola, I was done in a few days. Cheers to Addi Turbos! I decided to make it a Christmas gift which makes me even more excited to have one off the list. 

So, I allowed myself to start on those felted stockings and look at finishing another project that I'd put aside this summer.

Lesson learned? Maybe. I will certainly stop to think about why something is hibernating and consider changing a needle or even just giving up. But, I'm looking at my yarn stash and thinking of casting on for a a new sweater...