Trust the Pattern

Do you ever have a project that you just can't look at for a while? Something goes wrong and you have to put it away to deal with later. 

That's Waterlily for me. My Ravelry notes say I started it last February, but called it "End of summer" so I think I did the bulk of the work in the summer. But, the lace caught me up and I had to do-over. It got shoved in a bag, life got busy and I kind of forgot about it. I really hate leaving projects unfinished. I may put it away for a while, but I always pick it up and either give up entirely or push to finish. 

I made it a goal to work on it when I had some quiet time this summer. Finally the day arrived. I've made it through a good inch of lace and all is going well. I still have a life line in, just in case. 

Waterlily in progress from Pompom Quarterly. Yarn from  String Theory .  

Waterlily in progress from Pompom Quarterly. Yarn from String Theory.  

I recently made it through another lace project, and I realized my issue. I use markers when going along with a lace chart, placing markers in between the repeats as one should. But, sometimes those repeats include something like a knit2together and then my marker is off. What do I do here? I tried to force it to work within the markers and inevitably the lace goes wonky. (Technical term.)  

Staci recommends this to knitters writing in often: TRUST THE PATTERN. Duh, I told myself, just move the markers. As I get to the end, magically, the stitch count works. 

It's not just lace patterns, sometimes if you can't visualize what the pattern will do, just go with it and maybe it will make sense. 

Now, what about that argyle Christmas stocking... 

P.S. Can I just tell you how much I love Pompom Quarterly? It's delightful. When it comes in the mail it is wrapped in tissue with a hand-written thank you note. The stories, patterns and images are lovely.  

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