My Knitting Homework - TKGA Basics, Basics, Basics

This spring I decided to take the Basics course through The Knitting Guild Association. It's a 3-lesson course to cover basics like increases, decreases and gauge. 

Swatches from lesson 1 - but one is wrong! Do-over was required. Glad I double-checked. 

Swatches from lesson 1 - but one is wrong! Do-over was required. Glad I double-checked. 

Staci was surprised, suggesting I already knew how to do it all. And, while that's true that I know what to do if I'm reading a pattern, I never really thought about why I'd use that stitch or set up in a certain way. It's been a good learning experience so far and the feedback has been helpful.

I have been stalking the pages of the Masters program for about a year. I get ready to sign up and then a big work project or some other excuse shows up. I think, "I'll do it after I'll finish that sweater." Then I find myself lurking again. I have been hesitating to give myself "knitting homework" and make my relaxing time another to-do. 

But, as I begin to take on teaching others, I feel the need to be more of an expert. I also want to take some of the designs from my head and into reality. Sure, I could sit down with books, magazines and my friend who makes knitting videos, but I'm a classroom learner. I won't go to the gym to workout on my own, but I'm a regular (some might say obsessive) at the group classes. I need structure and external deadlines. I just do.

Not only have I learned about stitches, it has been an exercise in learning to be a process knitter instead of a project knitter. Staci and I talk about this a lot. Project knitters want that thing - the end result and try to get there quickly, sometimes skipping over mistakes just to get something done. Process knitters don't blink at ripping out. As long as they are sitting and knitting, it doesn't matter how long it takes. I've been a project knitter for a while, but I'm getting to be more of a process knitter. (This top really helped me get through some of that - from my old blog.) 

Lesson 1 came back with good feedback. She didn't tell me I was a terrible knitter (okay, maybe that's another hesitation in the back of my head). On to lesson 2...

Stay tuned for more updates on my progress and journey to be a Master! 


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