Have Yarn Will Travel

Getting ready for a big trip? Pack yarn and a few key tools. 

Getting ready for a big trip? Pack yarn and a few key tools. 

Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows I love to hop on a plane whenever the chance arrives. It's a life-long goal of mine to see the world and sometimes work gives me the chance to take extra trips. With a big trip coming up next month, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite travel accessories.

Before I go too far, yes, you can knit on planes. Of course, if you're unsure of your airline, you should always check. But, I haven't had an issue in the past few years going across the US and outside as well. Generally, I use circular needles, so I wonder if straight needles might be a bigger concern. In an x-ray machine circular needles don't look any more threatening than pens and, besides, you don't want big straight needles poking your airplane seat neighbor. 

I always over-pack for travel, but better safe than to not have something to knit. Depending on the flight, I've been known to knit an entire sock, so it's good to have back up! I usually take a project that is mindless that I can work a couple rows in the evening and one that is a little more interesting if I'm going to be on a plane or in a car for a few hours. Then, there is the space to consider. Should I carry an entire sweater worth of yarn? Probably not.

Here are a few of my favorite travel things:

1) Yarn Pop bags. These come in a variety of sizes, so I can pack a small one within a large one. There are a lot of different colors and sizes to choose from, so get one to match your style. The best feature is the big zipper that doesn't catch your yarn. (I have another pretty famous bag for knitters and my yarn always gets stuck in the clip that attaches to another bag.) You can also string the yarn through the grommets so it will not roll away down the aisles of the plane. 

2) I try to keep my tools at a minimum when traveling, but I always need my Clover Yarn Cutter. You definitely can't take scissors on a plane, so this cutter does the job instead. It looks like a pendant so you could wear it like a necklace if you happen to be weaving in a bunch of ends and will be cutting a lot of threads.

knitting tools.jpeg

3) Repair hook. If you should drop a stitch (gasp!) these tiny hooks will pick it right up for you. There is a knitting needle on one side, crochet hook on the other. I like these instead of carrying a full-sized needle.

4) Measuring tape that winds up on itself. The one pictured came to me from a goody bag and I appreciate that it doesn't turn into a tangled mess in my bag. 

5) Stitch markers. Did you know that a tiny Altoids box makes a great stitch marker box? It does. My favorite stitch markers are simple metal markers that are like safety pins. I like the fun decorative ones too, especially to start the beginning of a row in circular knitting but sometimes they get in the way with finer yarns.   

6) Tapestry Needles in a carrying case, in case you drop one. 

7) Kitchener Stitch Reminder. This is only if you might need to finish with a kitchener stitch. No matter how many times I do it, I still need a reminder!

8) You know those overhead lamps on planes aren't the best. If you're traveling overnight, you might need a small light. If you're working with a dark yarn or lace weight (or both) you definitely will need extra light. I've fallen in love with OttLites for the clear, bright color. They even have small flip lights that fit just fine in your knitting bag. 

That's about it. The goal is to knit as you get there and then shop for local yarn once you're there! And now, I am getting antsy for our next big trip. What tools do you like to travel with?