Unraveling with Emily Felix

Unraveling yarn

On episode 82 of the VeryPink Knits podcast, I spoke with Emily Felix of Reunion Yarns. Listen to the episode to find out more about her background on taking old sweaters and repurposing them into knitting yarn. I really enjoyed learning from her about her process and why it's not as easy as it looks.

This is the first of a few interviews coming your way where we look at sustainability in our knitting. I recently have been learning more about the epidemic of waste in our world with "fast fashion" and throwaway attitudes about our clothes. I have a lot more to share about that in an upcoming episode, but first this idea of taking an old sweater and reusing it has so many exciting elements. You're taking something that is out of style and making it beautiful again. You're taking something that was disregarded and tossed aside to give it a new life as yarn, what we spend more time with as we knit. It's now something you'll spend hours with in your hands making something you'll wear or give with pride instead of something you'll just grab to throw on. 


Funny thing, the whole time Emily talked about getting yarn from a sweater from the 80s or 90s, all I could think about is those intarsia "Cosby Sweaters." Besides the fact that we don't want to go there about Mr. Cosby... unfortunately, I imagine unraveling all those colors would be a nightmare. Our best bet to save them from a landfill is to convince some hipsters to wear them ironically. 

I haven't tried to save yarn from an old sweater, but I have made yarn out of old t-shirts. Have you tried unraveling? What has your experience been? 

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