Field Trip to Interweave Yarn Fest

Have you ever considered taking a trip to a yarn retreat or festival? If you've never been, it may be intimidating or you might wonder if it's worth the cost. On episode 43 of the VeryPink Knits podcast, I took a field trip to the Interweave Yarn Fest in Loveland, Colorado. 

A weaving demonstration on the marketplace floor gave some a chance to try a new craft.

A weaving demonstration on the marketplace floor gave some a chance to try a new craft.

Since Interweave magazines are some of my favorite knitting magazines, I figured this would be a no-brainer. I have only been to one other weekend knitting retreat several years ago, so I was ready to go again. I learn best in a classroom away from distractions, so I was looking forward to taking a class and just being around other yarn-loving people. I even talked my mom into joining me so I had a roomie and a happy hour partner. 

Classes were offered over several days including all-day classes and half-day, with choices for knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners. Outside of classes there was a marketplace of vendors including demonstrations throughout the day. Although I have no plans to weave or spin, I enjoyed seeing others in their classrooms and watching demonstrations on the show floor. (Someday, when the kids move out I can make their bedrooms into weaving rooms...)

My first attempt at Bohus knitting. 

My first attempt at Bohus knitting. 

The cost of classes and hotel and travel might keep some away, but I met a woman in the lobby who joined her knitting friends just for the road trip. She didn't sign up for any classes, but hung out in the lobby knitting all day. Her friends asked if she would be bored and she said, not at all! She was happy to hang out, chat with other knitters and visit the marketplace. Funny story, her husband asked if she could go with $5 for food a day and the rest could go for yarn. Free breakfast and free happy hour at the hotel... sure, more yarn money! You can keep costs low by just attending the marketplace and finding an event near home. 

Not only did I learn about Bohus knitting and got the brioche stitch down, I also learned photography from the Shibaguys. I highly recommend their class if you want to take better photos and get the chance for a lesson. I learned a lot.

My mom modeling her  Rodeo Drive Poncho !

My mom modeling her Rodeo Drive Poncho!

On Saturday night, we enjoyed the fashion show. The models were not runway models showing off magazine knits, but attendees showing off their own projects. Not only were the models extra proud of what they were showing off, but the audience was very supportive and appreciated the beautiful work. It was a fun, casual atmosphere to end the weekend. 

Throughout the weekend my mom kept saying, "It's so nice to be at a place where you don't get funny looks or eye rolls when you pull out your knitting." It is definitely nice to be out with our people. During happy hour the bar was full of groups gathering and stitching. 

I am looking ahead to my next knitting retreat. Where should I go next?